Dave Rygalski can get it

Everyone say thank you, Amy Sherman-Palladino

The only good thing that has happened to me in 2020 is my Gilmore Girls rewatch. 

Binge-watching a television show isn’t typically my speed — I’m far too addicted to my phone for that — so it’s a rarity I find a show that truly catches my attention. Instead of, say, trying something new and being adventurous, I decided to instead follow my heart and watch a show I knew I loved the first time around. In comes Amy Sherman-Palladino. (You know it’s what she wanted.)

Once again, I’m hooked. I don’t know if it’s the small town idealization (yes), Emily Gilmore herself (duh) or the thrill of hating Dean giving me the will to live (definitely), but I’m fully awaiting every moment that all my other life responsibilities are done for the day so I can travel to see my Stars Hollow friends.

I’m finally at season three, which is great for me because I don’t have to think about Dean as much. As I eagerly awaited Rory and Jess’ relationship to begin, I forgot about the best man of the whole entire show. Fuck Dean, and you know what? Fuck Jess too, just for dramatic effect; I only have room in my heart for one man and one man only.

Enter Dave Rygalski.

He is Lane’s boyfriend, and he’s dreamy. <3 He loves and respects Lane, plus he has a good personality, which means he has every single quality that Rory’s boyfriends don’t always have.

The important backstory to know about Dave Rygalski is that he’s real. Kind of. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino made the character Lane Kim loosely based on her good friend and Gilmore Girls co-producer Helen Pai. Helen Pai is married to David (Dave) Rygalski in real life, and he’s a real life musician, too. My heart! 

Anyway, it’s a fact that Adam Brody is also objectively hot, so everything about Dave Rygalski makes my heart palpitate. 

I don’t remember what Lane’s love life was After Dave Rygalski, but per my research, he left after one season because he joined another show that will not be named. Traitor. This isn’t what Amy Sherman-Palladino, the universe or I would have wanted.

Gilmore Girls peaked in season three, and it’s all because of Dave Rygalski. I’m tired of the Dean vs. Jess vs. Logan discourse — Dave Rygalski is my truth.