Andrew Cuomo: a study into his past relationships and my attraction for him

I think I need to clear the air before I even begin: Yes, I’m serious. But this isn’t something I actively think about. I by no means doodle “Alex Piscatelli-Cuomo” in my notebooks. While, yes, I did choose to f*** him in a game of f***, marry, kill (I can’t curse on a NEWSLETTER!), I would never actually. Well… No, no. I don’t know. 

Anyway, I couldn’t stop thinking about him after I saw a video about his past relationship with TV chef and author Sandra Lee. They only broke up just last year. As a society, we’re so conditioned to imagine politicians having this “picture perfect”-looking relationship and family with the whole white picket fence, even though that’s not at all representative of most people. 

Because of the societal norm, or maybe just that I truly thought he would be actively boo’ed up, I didn’t even realize Andrew Cuomo is just out here ~single~. 

I fell DEEP into an “Andrew Cuomo single” Google rabbit hole. (Can we talk about this dating profile a journalist wrote up for him? Support local journalism, folks!!!!) And I need to share what I found out.

First of all, the Kennedy family is EVERYWHERE

I have to preface this section by saying: I fell into a sub-rabbit hole of my original rabbit hole, but how could I not? One could go on and on about how every single member of the Kennedy family seems to be involved in politics in some way, but here’s a short version and why I’m FASCINATED.

Andrew Cuomo’s first wife, from 1990 to 2005, was Kerry Kennedy. With Kerry, he has three kids, all with the last name Kennedy-Cuomo (powerful?).

I was stalking one of their daughters, Michaela, on Twitter. (She’s my age, by the way, so I take back what I said about a potential theoretical hook-up with Governor Cuomo.) She was posting about her support for Joe Kennedy III (Michaela’s first cousin and Kerry’s nephew), who ran for the Massachusetts Senate seat against Ed Markey. Joe Kennedy lost, which was the first time a Kennedy had ever lost an election in Massachusetts. 

How is this family everywhere? Including in Andrew Cuomo’s life??? Wild.

Note: I did not know this prior, but Andrew Cuomo’s father, Mario Cuomo, was also Governor of New York. This explains why two brothers (Andrew and Chris) were somehow both so successful in national politics. I had so many questions!

The ending of his marriage to Kerry Kennedy

Okay, there’s a lot of gossip revolving around this. In fact, there’s a whole section from a biography about all the issues Andrew (first-name basis :)) and Kerry’s marriage had. The biggest shock: Kerry Kennedy had an affair with his former friend. The friend was dubbed with the nickname “the polo player”, which I cannot speak to as I was seven in 2003 and also I don’t actually know what polo is.

I simply have to quote the following two paragraphs from this 2003 Washington Post article about their split:

“‘This is the greatest example of why we don't need a royal family,’ says Mitchell Moss, the New York University professor. ‘We have people in New York who think they are royalty, have spectacular sex and act just as badly.’

The Kennedy-Cuomo merger once seemed so natural. He was the dashing curly-haired prince who on their first date insisted that Kerry hop astride his motorcycle and ride out to Brooklyn to view his shelters for the homeless.”

First of all, um, spectacular sex? (Am I interested again?) His motorcycle? What the f***? (Still not cursing, but I WANT to!) 

Of course, I cannot speak to what happened behind closed doors and what led to Kerry’s eventual affair. What I can speak to, however, is that the outlets that covered their marriage’s downfall keep making it a point that Andrew seemed to LOVE media attention.

In 1997, 39-year-old lawyer Michael Kennedy died in a ski accident. As all the Kennedys mourned and agreed to isolate themselves from any media attention, rumor has it Andrew and Chris Cuomo went outside and talked to the press during a family gathering. This rubbed the Kennedys the wrong way, and rightfully so, but I initially wrote this off because I thought it could be a matter of wrong place, wrong time.

However, an earlier example of this occurred when Andrew was preparing to propose to Kerry. Apparently he told many journalists and PR professionals alike, “I’m planning to ask Kerry to marry me.” Like, to people he was merely acquaintances with. Kinda weird, but OK Andrew!!!!

Also, he proposed to Kerry in 1990 on Valentine’s Day, and I find that too cheesy and predictable for me to think this marriage had a chance to last!

Let’s talk Sandra Lee

After a messy divorce, Andrew Cuomo met TV chef and author Sandra Lee in 2005. They were at a cocktail party where a mutual friend introduced them, and Sandra was into him from the start (relatable!!!!). 

What I find to be absolutely WILD is that Sandra has described her relationship with Andrew as being super mellow and laid back, with almost no fighting. Based on my extensive research, it seems opposite to the relationship that he and Kerry Kennedy shared. It makes sense that Sandra and Andrew’s relationship ended smoothly, while the former did not.

Rumor has it that Sandra did not like the political spotlight, and their statement upon the breakup said their lives moved into different directions. It was, however, expected. They sold their home they had together and Sandra stopped showing up to events with him. So when they announced their split in September 2019, no one seemed surprised. 

They still speak everyday, and they TEXT. (I love that imagery.) The internet even speculated that Andrew has nipple piercings, and Sandra came to his defense, telling people to not body shame. However, I would have loved the knowledge that he had nipple piercings. In fact, that would have been ideal. But it’s fine.

The most iconic part of this, in my opinion, was that they never married. Sandra called herself “the first girlfriend”. 

And now, they’re just super good friends. Allegedly there’s absolutely no hard feelings, and the two will be in each other’s lives forever. Happy for h̶e̶r̶ THEM.

Analyzing the ~attraction~

Okay, okay. Before any of you say ANYTHING, especially after this excessive study of his relationships, I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE.

Andrew Cuomo is attractive, and that’s a fact. (I can say whatever I want on my newsletter!!!!) But there’s a psychological reason for this.

As humans, we’re attracted to power. Whether that’s in a romantic sense (hi Andrew :)) or just in everyday life (think of leaders in a workplace), it happens to all of us. According to Psychology Today, it’s because power is literally ingrained in our society. Of course we’re attracted to people in positions of power — on a subconscious level, we want to be relative to that power.

As if these facts aren’t enough, let me reiterate: It’s not just me. I googled “psychology behind finding Andrew Cuomo attractive” for ~research~ and it turns out, everyone’s on board the Cuomo Express (ew, I’m so sorry).

Unfortunate circumstances with the pandemic in New York specifically put him into the spotlight early on. There are countless articles from March 2020 from outlets from Vogue to Vanity Fair to Jezebel insisting that Andrew is HOT.

Whether it’s his banter with his brother Chris Cuomo on CNN, or his super sweet and normal relationship with his daughters, or his strikingly handso- ahem. I’ll stop here. Do with this what you will.